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Stonewall Democrats of Dallas is an organization of politically active individuals working for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community in the city of Dallas and the state of Texas; the purpose of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas is to:

  1. Sensitize Democratic candidates and officeholders to the political needs of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community.

  2. Promote the Democratic Party's message of economic justice and social progress in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.

  3. Encourage participation by Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender persons in the campaigns of Democratic candidates and at all levels of the Democratic Party.

  4. Facilitate the election of Democratic candidates to public office by maximizing the Democratic turnout in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community. 

The Stonewall Democrats of Dallas is affliated with our statewide organization, the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, and our national organization, the National Stonewall Democrats. All members of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas are also members of the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus as well as the National Stonewall Democrats. The "Stonewall Democrats" organization is the only "officially recognized " GLBT organization of the Texas Democratic Party and our statewide President and Vice President also serve on the State Democratic Executive Committee, which is the governing body of the Texas Democratic Party. While we are predominantly a GLBT organization, we have numerous heterosexual members and allies as well, and we are very "straight" friendly.

You do not have to be a member of the GLBT community however to be a member of Stonewall Democrats. We enthusiastically embrace and appreciate all of our ' straight ' members and allies.

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas was conceived in October 1996 by local activists Christy Kinsler and Gary Fitzsimmons. They gathered a small group of receptive people including Michael Milliken, Bill Fry, Sunny Erwin, and Al Daniels who met in Michael Milliken's living room to form the organization in response to a high-profile donation from the Log Cabin Republicans in a local race. For the first few years, Stonewall Democrats was financed primarily from the incredible generosity of Michael Milliken to whom we owe tremendous gratitude for believing in the organization. So we dedicate this page in honor of Founder Michael Milliken without whom we would not have been able to become the successful and dynamic organization we are today. The Stonewall Democrats of Dallas has flourished and grown tremendously and are now well into our second decade... from a small handful of people to our current membership which numbers in the hundreds of members, including several locally elected officials. We are the single largest Democratic "club" in Dallas County and the third largest chapter of Stonewall Democrats in the United States. Please feel free to contact us or stop by and attend one of our monthly meetings for more information.

Political advertisement by Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, Treasurer - Jessica Öeffner

P.O. Box 192305 Dallas, TX 75219

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